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Coast Brewing Company

As we like to think: Slow down, relax, and enjoy life… and a good beer. Good surf too…

COAST Brewing Company is a family owned craft brewery. We are located in Noisette—a sustainable community in North Charleston. We believe in using alternative means to brew unique and delicious beer. We also believe in choice organic and local ingredients. But it’s not just about being organic; it’s a certain mindset of considering the environment in everything we do. In fact, we’re not certified organic and have no plans to be – we do it because we believe it’s the right thing. All of our ingredients are listed including which are organic. Energy efficiency is our number one priority as it uses less resources right from the start. Our brewhouse is run on waste feedstock biodiesel from the processing plant 300 yards away.

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Holy City brewing logo

Holy City Brewing Company

Holy City Brewing, established in 2011, is an aspiring self-sustainable brewery located in North Charleston, South Carolina. We strive to creat finely crafted ales and lagers using sustainable practices. We look forward to being a part of the Charleston community and supplying you with great beer.

Holy City Brewing started in the bike shop of Pedi Cab and Rickshaw, owned by Joel Carl and Sean Nemitz. Joel, Chris, Sean, and Mac started brewing, on the 15 gallon system that Joel built using used bike parts, in 2009. As our ideas (and beers) grew, a building was leased and the micro-brewery started to take form.

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Palmetto brewing logo

Palmetto Brewing Company

Palmetto Brewing Company was established in 1994 after several years of research and planning by Louis Bruce and Ed Falkenstein. Louis, a former wine wholesaler, focused on developing the brand and establishing distribution, while Ed handled brewing and operations. It was the first brewery to open in Charleston since Prohibition, taking its name from a historic downtown brewery. The original Palmetto operated in Charleston from before the Civil War until sometime after the turn of the 20th century. Today we hand craft and package four different beers under the “Palmetto” label at our brewery at 289 Huger Street, Charleston, SC.

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westbrook brewing co logo

Westbrook Brewery

Opened in late 2010, Westbrook Brewing has quickly become the largest brewery in South Carolina and is shipping beer all the way to Europe. Focusing heavily on barrel aging and wild, sour ales, and known globally for their cult release, Mexican Cake, Westbrook has gained rock star status nation wide. Their 40,000 sq. ft expansion is near completion and will enable Westbrook to push the barrel aging envelope even further.

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frothy beard brewing logo

Frothy Beard

Frothy Beard is Charleston’s first Nanobrewery. We were the  fifth brewery in the area and the tenth in the state. Starting out small, we focused on unique styles of beer to use our past homebrewing experience as the basis for all of our beers.

The original three owners, Joey Siconolfi, Steve McCauley, and Michael Biondi all met at Paesano’s Italian Restaurant in the upstate of SC in Seneca. We have lived together on and off over the past 15 years and have been brewing together the past nine years. Our passion for homebrewing and creating new adventurous flavors is what attracted us to leave our current jobs and make brewing our full-time gig. We love the brewing world and the fact that it is ever changing. We opened up with a 25 gallon system, and moved onto a 1.5 bbl system with 10 3 bbl fermenters.

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Tradesman Brewing Co.

Founded by husband and wife team, Scott and Sara Gayle McConnell, Tradesman opened as the first brewery on James Island in April 2014 and became part of the growing Charleston beer community. Scott and Sara Gayle had extensive home brewing experience, which fueled their dream of starting their own commercial brewery.  Co-Owner Chris Winn joined the team in January of 2015 with years of brewery experience and a love of local beer.  Our new facility will be capable of producing almost 2500 barrels of beer annually, and plan to sell draft and canned beer in Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, and Hilton Head/Bluffton/Beaufort.

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